Why learn from ArtistsFloor

ArtistsFloor is an educational platform tailored for everyone to expand their creativity and understand the fundamentals of art and drawing. We focus on creating high quality art courses in different mediums for our audience for all levels.

ArtistsFloor a unique proposition that acts as a creative hub for art lovers, university students, artists with different mediums and anyone who wants to experience creativity. At its core, ArtistsFloor’s main mission is to create a community of budding artists from everywhere, providing a variety of courses in different mediums with its in-house art teachers. We create a range of art courses and curriculums with artist collaborations from around the world to provide our audience with the best teaching.

We currently are creating tutorials that are available on different platforms. All these materials are also available as courses on educational platforms as well as on the ArtistsFloor website.

We have collaborated with award winning festivals such as Lightopia and Dino Kingdom from a design and installation aspect. Creating branding, social assets, installations, out of home material, websites and offering the service of marketing coordination.

Our Installation designs for Lightopia Festival

We believe light brightens our surrounding and shows the path of our journey in the dark. Light installations lift our mood; it feels magical, like a fairy tale, but also dynamic.

When we started designing light installations for both public and art festivals our artistic inspiration came from nature and movement. The inspiration for what we love and what we love to do is all around us. We just have to look and be passionate about what we want to start either in drawing, painting, installations or designs.

Installation Gallery

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Are you familiar with these questions?

Have you asked these questions or other similar questions from yourself? If you found yourself nodding and thinking “this is totally me” you are in the right place and you don’t need to look further.

On this platform I won’t just help you to improve your art but I will help you to make a career out of it! Whether you want to a become full-time job artist who can sell your art or just want to pursue your drawing as your hobby, I can help you.

Once I was where you are now and I have experienced the same thing and tried so many doors, so I want to share my art journey and art business experience with you. ​

You might think:

Is it realty possible to create professional art with basic skills? How can I earn money from my art?
It is not only from art galleries that artists and art lovers can earn money and their living. There are so many ways out there that will get you where you want to be.

So, what I should do? What are the next steps for me?
  1. I will take you through different mediums and their techniques so you can create art that you are proud of!
  2. Then you will learn the entrepreneurship thinking side of art.
  3. We will go through different ways of selling your art and even how to create your online course from the techniques you have learned here!

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I will help you create impressive art that people will admire and buy from you!

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