7 Tips For Artists To Regain Motivation

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Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level artist, there will come a time where you will lose motivation and the passion to continue painting, we call this slump time. 

This is a period of decline, during which a person performs slowly, inefficiently, or ineffectively. If you’ve been in a slump before, you’ll know how disempowering it feels. It feels like you are stuck and can’t get anything done or in our case can’t create more artworks.

From experience, I can tell you that it’s completely normal. I have felt this during my art career and the good news is that there’s always a way to find that passion again – you just have to look for it! 

If you’re feeling discouraged or frustrated, there are several useful tips I am going to tell you to boost your motivation and give you a push in the right direction. My favorite tip is number 4 🙂 

1) Find Inspiration

First, you need to find out what the reason is behind losing your motivation. Finding inspiration is one of the key ways to building up your motivation.

How? You can look at other artists work, find the artworks that inspire you the most and try new techniques or mediums. Read about their journey and how they found inspiration themselves, who they were before they became famous and what was the meaning behind all their paintings. You can also listen to music that you feel inspires you, read books, go for walks and find places that will spark your creativity.

2) Why did you start your painting journey? Remind yourself 

Sometimes it’s hard to remember the main reason why you started your art journey in the first place – dig deep and give yourself time to gather all your thoughts. It might be a small instance when you thought painting was a hobby you wanted to try, or you felt inspired by an artist that made you feel something new. Just remember how painting made you feel and how much of a positive influence it had on you. Just think back to your first step.

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3) Seek and embrace advice from friends, family and a supportive community

When we look at our paintings for too long, we can get over our heads and start overthinking too much. A great way to overcome this is by hearing other people’s opinion, something that may look bad to you could be beautiful in the eyes of another person or the other way around; art is very subjective. You can ask your friends and family, allow them to express their thoughts and what your artworks make them feel. You can also join Facebook groups, where you will find a supportive community that will share empowering and kind words about your artwork – you can return the favor and do the same! Spread positivity.

Overall, it’s good to hear other’s opinion and reflect on your work BUT go with your feelings and emotions rather than completely depending on others judgment and view. It’s only YOU that matters in the first place. 

4) Your idol

One of my biggest motivations is following my favorite artists and their personal growth. They don’t necessarily need to focus on art, they can be actors, singers, or other industries. When I look at my favorite idol, I can see their progress, how they follow their schedule and challenges themselves to other artistic approaches. He steps out of his comfort zone and tries new things. When I see someone, I admire so much, who is trying and learning different things, it motivates me to challenge myself too and pushes me to become a better version of myself. 

I recommend finding someone you admire and follow their progress, get inspired by other people’s motivations and see that there is no limit to what you can learn and accomplish.

Don’t rush but take over the world at your pace.

My favorite quote:

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5) Decorate your workspace

It’s important that your workspace is unique and a representation of who you are. You will spend most of your time there, so make it as comfortable and motivating as possible. If you find inspiration from quotes, signs or other wall art, go online and spend time finding decorations that will make you want to wake up every day and start painting with a positive attitude. You do not have to spend too much on it – you can print quotes off the internet, hang up your own artworks or find cheap posters from pound stores. Focus on creating an environment where you can get motivated and find the zone that enables you to create your best work.

For me when I see my previous hand drawing on the wall it motivates me to draw more. 

6) Set personal challenges

A great way to avoid feeling demotivated is by setting challenges for yourself. It’s not the length of the challenge, but the quality of it. Set up a painting routine, it can be a 10-minute painting challenge, drawing a different facial feature every day or even finding art challenges online. I have created a 7-day art challenge for you to complete, to access it you can subscribe to my eBooks and receive a detailed art challenge per day.

These challenges will have a huge impact on your motivation, you won’t have time to overthink about your last drawing because you’re already on to the next one!

7) Be proud of all yourself and of your art 

Finally, to keep the motivation running, you have to start appreciating what you do and feel proud of it. The only person that can stop you from achieving your dream is yourself. Hang up your artworks around your studio or bedroom, you will start to appreciate the hard work that you have put into it and see how much you have improved. Every artwork or art practice you do is impressive, so be proud of it!

Just remember that the first step is always the hardest, you just have to believe in yourself and everything you can accomplish but practice. Nothing comes to us magically out of nowhere, it’s us who creates things. Everyone feels demotivated at times, it’s part of the process, but you have to push yourself and step out of your comfort zone!

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