My Artist Journey: How I Started My Career as a Full-Time Artist

Becoming a full time artist was a very long journey with a lot of unexpected twists. I want to share with you my story, how and when I started getting involved in the art world, my ups and downs and how I made it to where I am today.

1) When did I start becoming interested in art?

I’ve always loved drawing, painting and sculpture. Since a young age I would grab my favourite colors and try to create original artworks everywhere I went. I never really thought being an artist was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Until one day, in middle school, I won an art contest that my teacher submitted for me and I realised I was actually quite good at it and I just had to practice more to improve my drawings

Every day after school I would go to my room and practice different techniques in order to become better at drawing properly. At the time it was very important for me to understand art techniques and methods correctly, now I know it is good to combine that with inspiration as well. 

2) How did I get into the art world?

I first started studying English Literature and once I finished my degree, I realised I wanted to find an art related course. I found the course of Art Business at Sotheby’s whilst researching on the internet and thought it could be the perfect course for me. In the end, it helped me step foot into the art career and have new visions. 

Whilst studying, I interned at auction houses and art galleries to learn about different aspects of the art world, to ultimately understand in which direction I was more inclined in pursuing. Nevertheless, my mind changed and I realised I wasn’t really interested in auction houses.

It’s essential for everyone to experience it to understand if it matches your personality. Art galleries are very niche, you need to know how to treat the clients and how to sell art. I knew I didn’t want to sell artworks, I wanted to create them. Whilst at Sotheby’s I was one of a few who got an internship at an auction house and after completing it, I was reassured that working in the creative side matched my personality better, rather than selling artworks.

3) My first sold artwork

After a few group exhibitions, my first solo exhibition was while I was working at a pop up gallery. I created a relief sculpture installation exhibition show that took a very long time to prepare. I faced a lot of complications like finding the stones, I went to different mines and warehouses around the world. I had to find a way to ship it from another country to the UK, all by myself. I also had to cut, shape and carve raw stones, it was extremely hard to do. In the end, all the hard work was worth it as I had a lot of high end clients who bought my artworks.

ava rock

4) How did I find my artistic career choice?

I was offered a position in China to teach for the first time. I taught about the art market and general concepts in art. I talked about art entrepreneurship, also known as Artpreneurship, and also taught people of all ages the basics of art. At this point, I became interested in teaching art, I realised I enjoyed teaching so much. I started having painting art classes as well and realised this was something I wanted to keep doing. 

When I was in China I received a text from a gallery in London that had heard about me and offered me a position to become an art director in Westminster. I knew I wanted to be a teacher but this was a very big offer for someone my age, so I accepted and started my induction while I was in China. I came back after a few months and worked for them for a while, but then decided to quit because I wanted to do something I was actually passionate about – I knew it was teaching. 

I had been creating an online course while I was in China and the moment I quit my job as an art director, I got involved with a business partner who was also interested in online and in person art education. From there, I started my own start up and created my first physical art space called ArtistsFloor

While teaching at ArtistsFloor with different instructors, I received an offer to work on the creative side of a lantern and light festival, where I could showcase all my knowledge and passion of art on a bigger scale. It was a huge success as we won the city life award in Manchester. 


Due to circumstances in life, I learnt to adapt to the situation and found a way to continue making a living out of my passion. I started my online art education the moment the pandemic hit, and stopped teaching in person. 

This is where I’m at now, 2 online courses out, more than 25,000 students and enjoying every second of it. I am looking forward to opening the doors to ArtistsFloor again, where I can see my students in person soon.

There comes a point in your life that, without knowing it, determines what you will do for the rest of your life – you just have to try new things and see what the future brings you. I went from art galleries, auction houses, art fairs to suddenly teaching art. Everything I did either right or wrong led me to this direction that I am at right now with an amazing team working alongside me.

So, be brave, take chances and understand that everything you go through in life, will allow you to learn and grow as a person. Don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to try different things. 

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