Why Are Exhibitions And Outdoor Art Festivals Important?

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Whether you’re interested in art or not, there are certain art festivals and exhibitions that you can attend which will be enriching and inspiring. There are many places you can go to see art, not only art galleries and exhibitions but also festivals.

So what is the difference between a festival and an exhibition?

There is a very big difference between a festival and an exhibition. When you attend an art exhibition, the artist is showing his work, either to become known or to sell their artworks. On the contrary, an art festival is a space where hundreds of people gather to enjoy a specific theme, appreciate different artists or different creative industries. 

1. Festivals

Art festivals and events are a more social experience where you can enjoy viewing artists’ works and installations or have a drink and eat with friends and family. They tend to be focused on a few artists or just one, where you can view a variety of their artwork.

When you attend festivals, the feeling is completely different than any art event you normally go to. You tend to enjoy the space, relax and start to become part of a community. You probably don’t realise how big of an impact the experience has had on you, but once you leave you will see how much inspiration you have taken away from it. Nevertheless, it’s important to find the perfect art festival for you as they tend to happen for only one week every year.

Festivals such as Lightopia are the perfect chance to go view a different kind of art, such as light installations and lanterns with old craftsmanship and new technology. The great thing about festivals is that you don’t particularly have to be a fan of art, but you get to see artworks displayed in a different way. Festivals can become a day out with your loved ones.

I recommend everyone to attend a festival and a fun way of learning, enjoying time with your friends and getting off the screens for a while. 

Lightopia Festival 2020

2. Art Exhibitions

An art exhibition is not like an art gallery, it’s a more focused space where you can see work by a single artist, a specific theme, an era, a defined medium, or even a combination of them all. They are a great way to view many artworks from a specific artist and get to know their artistic style. 

Attending different art exhibitions is great as you can normally find a different one to go to every day, they’re enriching and a source of inspiration. In general, people that attend a specific art exhibition tend to be interested in an individual artist or a theme, which means you can get to meet people like you, with common interests, with whom you discuss and learn more about a particular art form or medium.

Many artists use exhibitions to sell their artworks. So ultimately, it is a great way to expand your professional network and get to know individuals who work in the industry.

Both art festivals and exhibitions are a great way of learning, meeting new people, getting inspiration, and gathering your friends and family. Art festivals are more relaxed, you don’t need to be passionate about art as it’s an experience everyone will like. Art exhibitions are more professional, a specific kind of audience will attend which means you can always find your type of art or favourite artist and enjoy seeing a great variety of pieces.

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