Why Art isn’t About Talent

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Can anyone become good at drawing and painting if they put in the work and practice? Or are artists a specific few people who are born talented? This blog will show you my opinion on the subject … you probably can guess my answer but I will go into more detail about why I strongly believe that art isn’t about talent.

Enthusiasm and Enjoyment

Some people may believe that artists are born with talent or at least the enthusiasm for art and so are more likely to want to practise. However, enthusiasm and how much we enjoy a hobby or career can be greatly affected by how skilled we are at it. We rarely enjoy something that we aren’t good at. We begin to become frustrated and discouraged to give things are fair chance just because we aren’t good enough at it yet to get the enjoyment out of it. This is the same for any hobby or career not just art.

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Having the Right Guidance

I firmly believe that art isn’t about talent, it is about having the right guidance to help you improve your skills and to avoid the common mistakes people make in art. By receiving the right guidance, your skills will grow over time and so will your love for art. People tend to love and enjoy what they are good at and therefore it’s important to me to provide you all with the right guidance so you can enjoy creating art that you are proud of. The more we practice, the more skilled we become which gives us the chance to become better and better at drawing. We develop a love for art because we are practising, so we become better at it and that makes us happy. We begin to receive positive reactions from others which give us validation and more confidence to carry on.

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A Passion for Art 

Some of you may think artists are born passionate about art hence why they practice but passion can grow with practice as well. We find joy in witnessing our dedication and perseverance over time. This creates a more meaningful reward when you know you have worked hard on your art over time.


I encourage anyone to find the motivation and start creating more art. If you are struggling or stuck with your creative journey, you just need the right guidance to give you that push in the right direction.  It does get better as you improve your skills with practice so keep going!

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