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Learn unique art techniques

Access a variety of art tutorials focusing on different mediums. For example, you will learn unique drawing techniques from blending and shading, to drawing shapes and forms. With the art courses you will be able to draw realistic portraits and create your own original artworks. We don’t want you to only follow our models but also become creative and develop your art drawing skills. 

Ava Moradi art tutorials have been made to make you feel comfortable picking up your pencil and paper, to allow yourself to create and develop your skills. These free art tutorials are developed in more detail in the courses, where subsequently, you will receive 30hrs of in-depth art tutorials, to teach you step by step how to perfect your skills. Additionally, you will receive life time access, giving you the chance to learn a new skill in your spare time. Learn more about color pencil drawing or realistic portrait drawing by enrolling onto the masterclasses.

No Level Required 

You can be a beginner as well as an advanced artist,  these posts will allow you to develop your skills, drawing techniques and learn step by step how to produce unique art.

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regular updates, art challenges and offers. Let’s start drawing together.

Join my mailing list today! You will receive exclusive FREE resources, regular updates, art challenges and offers. Let’s start drawing together.

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