Realistic Drawing – Eyelashes and Eyebrow

Eyelash and Eyebrow

How do I draw realistic eyelashes?

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This tutorial requires you to follow the steps to learn how to draw eyelashes and eyebrows.

1. Plan each stroke carefully. The lines don’t need to be perfect, you only need to know how to curve the lines.


2. Remember eyelashes are the thickest at the base and become thinner at the end.


Tip: Don’t forget triangular eyelashes shapes. Practise how to bring two eyelashes together so they look like a triangle.


3. Look at the example below and see how the eyelashes intertwine and create a triangle shape. Practise these eyelashes.

How do I draw realistic eyebrows?

1. Practise thin strokes and draw freely.

Next step

2. Make sure your pencil is sharp and practise different short, thin lines in different directions.

Final step

3. Practise triangle shapes.

Further your skills

The goal of this tutorial was to help you learn how to draw realistic eyelashes and eyebrows. It’s essential to remember these steps you have learnt in this tutorial and practise them to improve your eye drawings. If you would like to further your skills in realistic drawing please have a look at the other free tutorials


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