Realistic Drawing – Front Eye View

Front eye

How do I draw realistic front view eyes?

This tutorial requires you to follow 5 steps to be able to draw a realistic front view eye drawing.

Tip: Repeat each step a few times to perfect your drawing.


1. Practise your oval shapes.


2. Practise drawing the corner of the eyes (practise both eyes so your hand gets used to drawing all eyes). 

Next step

3. Draw eyelids from the corner of the eye to the end of the other side of your drawing. Then cut your oval in half with a vertical line. Draw another two vertical lines and cut your main horizontal line half. Now you should have three vertical lines similar to the image below.

Tip: Draw these examples a few times and practise separately so you can memorise the step/technique.

Draw a circle in between the three lines.

Next step

4. Now practise eyelids. Everyone has different eyelids, so practise with different lengths and widths. Then begin to draw the eyelashes.

Final step

5. Draw two lines, one from the corner of the eye and the other from the right side of the iris.

Further your skills

The goal of this tutorial was to help you memorise the proportional rules. It’s essential to remember these steps you have learnt in this tutorial and practise them to improve your eye drawings. This tutorial will help you to draw any kind of front view eyes. If you would like to further your skills in realistic drawing please have a look at my other free tutorials. 


Tip: For in-depth step by step training complete my Masterclass of Realistic Drawing and Shading Human Features.    


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