Introduction to Color Pencil

Which color pencils can I use?

• Faber Castell Polychromos 120 (Oil based)

• Caran D’Ache Luminance 76 (Wax Based)

• Derwent Coloursoft 72 (Wax Based)

• Normal pencils 30 (any affordable color pencils)


Caran D’Ache pencils are of a higher quality and don’t fade over time unlike Prismacolour pencils. However both Caran D’Ache and Prismacolour have the same effect. If you have a different brand of pencils it isn’t necessary to replace them for my Masterclass of Drawing, Design and Creativity with Color Pencil and Pastel. 


What if I don’t have a complete set of color pencils?

If you only have the basic colours that’s enough because even with few pencils you can create 10s or 100s of colors by layering different pencils.

How do I create a color chart with my pencils?

Begin drawing lines with your pencils from dark to light so you know the different values and hues you have. Drawing your own color chart is recommended as they are more true to color than digital versions.


How do I create different colors with the pencils I have?

This can be achieved by lightly layering one color over another. Begin with a light layer of color and, using a light to medium pressure, layer colors over one another until you achieve your desired result.


Tip: Make sure to use a light pressure with your pencils otherwise your colors won’t layer as well.


 How do I improve my color pencil drawings?

1. Always keep your pencils sharp

2. Layering colors to achieve realistic looks

3. Soft shading (don’t add harsh lines especially at the beginning, try to have a

soft transition between certain areas)

4. Block in the darkest areas first (makes sure you draw the dark outlines first to

determine the rest and try to use more brown than black)

5. You can use dark brown and dark blue (indigo) to create black without

using black.

Tip: Learn more on how to improve your color pencil drawing by downloading my FREE ‘10 steps to improve your art’ ebook, browsing my other tutorials, completing my Masterclass of Drawing, Design and Creativity with Color Pencil and Pastel, and visiting my YouTube channel.



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