Artists Academy Collection

Discover Your Artistic Potential with Our Online Art Courses

RRP: £213 30% off! for only £149

Artists Academy Collection

RRP: £212 for only $149

Discover Your Artistic Potential with Our Online Art Courses

Discover, learn, and master art skills across various mediums. This is your one-stop destination for diversifying your skills. These online art courses are designed to take your skills to the next level.

Whats Included?

What Will I Learn?

Color Pencil & Pastel Courses

Watercolor Courses

Digital Art Courses

Pencil Courses

Charcoal Courses

Pen, Fineliner & Marker

Do You Make These Mistakes?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes artists make.

Skipping The Basics

Many beginner artists are tempted to jump straight into complex subjects without first mastering the basics like shapes, shading, and perspective. This can result in distorted and unrealistic artwork.

Ignoring Light and Shadow

Understanding how light and shadow work is essential to create depth and realism in art. Beginners often overlook this, making their drawings appear flat and two-dimensional.

Rushing The Process

Art requires patience. Novice artists often rush to finish their work, which can lead to overlooked details and overall inconsistency in their pieces.

Fear of Making Mistakes

Many beginners are afraid to make mistakes, so they stick to their comfort zone and don’t experiment. But it’s important to understand that making mistakes is a key part of learning and improving in art.

Not Taking Breaks

Continuous work without breaks can lead to fatigue, decreasing the quality of your art. Regular breaks can keep your mind fresh and your eyes rested, improving your overall work.


These are all the courses that will be included in the drawing collection package. 

Ever wondered why your artwork seems flat or too cartoonish?

Feel overwhelmed by countless tutorials out there and can’t figure out which one’s best for you?

Stuck at the intermediate level, finding it hard to move to advanced skills?

The Art of Drawing: THREE Secrets to Turn Your Struggles into Success!

  1. Drawing Skills: Many tutorials don’t teach you how to draw or sketch, leaving a gap at the beginning of your journey. Drawing is a learned skill, not talent. With the right guidance, you can learn how to do it.
  2. Structured and Simple Lessons: Structured and simple lessons are easy to follow, helping you train and strengthen your muscle memory faster. This will boost your confidence, and you will achieve the desired result much faster. With these simple, structured lessons, you’ll get there even faster.
  3. Transferrable Skills: A method you learn in pencil drawing can be used in digital art, and vice versa. If you learn character design, you can apply it to realistic drawing. The possibilities are endless. This gives you a vast library of lessons to speed up your artistic journey or career.

Confused Where to Start Your Art Journey?

Every course I’ve created has been thoughtfully designed with a clear understanding of your artistic journey. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to acquire new skills, particularly in the vast world of art. That’s why I’ve carefully crafted these courses to guide you seamlessly from mastering the basics to exploring more sophisticated artistic expressions. I’m here to help you nurture your talent and to cheer you on as you grow and transform into the artist you aspire to be. It’s not just about learning—it’s about blossoming in your creativity.

Every course I’ve created has been thoughtfully designed with a clear understanding of your artistic journey. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to acquire new skills, particularly in the vast world of art. That’s why I’ve carefully crafted these courses to guide you seamlessly from mastering the basics to exploring more sophisticated artistic expressions. I’m here to help you nurture your talent and to cheer you on as you grow and transform into the artist you aspire to be. It’s not just about learning—it’s about blossoming in your creativity.

I’m committed to demonstrating how you can produce extraordinarily realistic drawings using a handful of easily accessible materials.


Like any other skill, mastery in any art medium is attainable, and ANYONE can rise to the challenge. Let us go through them together.


Ava Moradi

I struggled with drawing and painting myself when I started so I realised I had to create my own style and structure to ACTUALLY teach me how to draw. Especially the initial outlines and how to buy cheap but good materials that don’t break the bank. As I have taught physical classes in the past, I know the common struggles or questions that students have so this has been considered in every lesson in our online courses.

See How This Collection Has Helped Students

Online Art Courses Included in This Collection:

Pencil Courses

Master fundamental techniques, explore limitless artistic possibilities, and create captivating artwork that reflects your unique style, all tailored to your individual skill level.


Charcoal Courses

Experience the dynamic nature of charcoal with our insightful courses, focusing on mastering tonal control, smudging techniques, and depth-creation.

Color Pencil & Pastel Courses

Uncover the rich, vibrant possibilities of color pencils and pastels with our detailed courses, designed to teach you blending, layering, and color theory.

Watercolor Courses

Dive into the captivating world of watercolour with our comprehensive courses, designed to guide you through the medium’s unique techniques and styles, perfect for all skill levels.


Pen, Fine Liner & Marker Courses

Master the art of pen, fine liner, and marker drawing with our comprehensive courses, designed to teach you control, precision, and a variety of styles, regardless of your current skill level.


Digital Art Courses

Unleash your digital creativity with our comprehensive digital art courses, designed to guide you through popular platforms like Procreate, Ibis Paint X, and Sketchbook.


Here's What Students Had to Say

Here's What Students Had to Say

I've experienced firsthand the hurdles that can stand in the way of truly mastering a craft

I’m passionate about guiding students like you in unlocking your full creative potential. With each lesson, you’ll gain not just techniques, but the confidence and inspiration to explore your own artistic voice. I’m thrilled to be a part of your journey and can’t wait to see where your newfound skills will take you.

You Get Lifetime Access To All Online Art Courses for 90% OFF

Let's Recap Everything You Get

RRP: £213

You Get It Today For:


Your One - Stop Destination For Online Art Courses

I believe that art is the universal language of creativity and expression. So I am going to give you all my art courses all together. ….comprehensive, high-quality courses in various art mediums to help you unlock your artistic potential. From beginner to advanced, we cater to all levels of skill and interest.

Why Choose Artists Academy Courses?

Embark on your artistic journey with us, and let’s create masterpieces together. Your potential is limitless, and our mission is to help you realize it. Join us now and start your creative exploration.

My 30 Day Money-Back "Art Gift" Guarantee

This gives you a full month to try out these tutorials, play with multiple mediums and levels. If you don’t see a tangible difference in your artwork, if you don’t have a new-found confidence and excitement every time you start a new piece within 30 days, I’ll send you 100% of your money back! No questions asked, no hoops to jump through. 

Just make an honest attempt at some of these tutorials, and I will guarantee 
you take a huge step forward in your artistic abilities.

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Pen, Fine Liner & Marker Courses


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Here's What Students Had to Say

Comprehensive Online Art Courses

Master Every Medium From Pencil Sketching to Digital Art

From pencil sketching to digital art, I have got you covered.

Dive into the rich, detailed courses and unlock your creative potential.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Our tutorials cover a broad range of mediums including pencil drawing with pencil and charcoal, color pencil, pastel, watercolor painting, oil and acrylic painting, digital art, pen and marker, ink. 

  1. Realistic Drawing: Learn how to accurately capture life on paper, from understanding proportions to mastering techniques for shading and texture.

  2. Still Life: Gain the skills to create compelling still life compositions, focusing on lighting, composition, and attention to detail.

  3. Portraiture: Master the art of drawing faces, understanding the nuances of facial features, expressions, and character.

  4. Master's Studies: Study the works of the great masters, understanding their techniques, styles, and the historical context of their work.

  5. Modern and Contemporary Art: Explore the diverse styles of the 20th and 21st centuries, and learn how to incorporate these influences into your own work.

  6. Comics and Manga: Delve into the dynamic world of comics and manga, understanding storytelling, panel layout, and character design.

  7. Digital Art Applications: Navigate various digital art platforms and software, learning techniques specific to digital media.

  8. Buildings and Structures: Learn to draw architecture accurately and artistically, understanding perspective, lighting, and structure.

  9. Landscapes: Learn to capture the beauty of nature, understanding elements like perspective, color, and light in outdoor settings.

  10. Anatomy for Artists: A deep dive into human anatomy, helping you create realistic figures in motion.

  11. Color Theory: Explore the science and art of using color, understanding how to create harmony, mood, and visual interest in your work.

  12. Botanical Art: Discover the beauty of illustrating plants and flowers with a focus on accuracy, detail, and color.

  13. Animal Drawing: Learn to draw a variety of animals, understanding their anatomy, movement, and textures.

  14. Character Design: Develop unique and compelling characters, learning about design principles, storytelling, and expressions.

  15. Cloth Drawing: Master the art of drawing fabric, understanding how to portray different textures, drapes, and folds.

  16. Fashion Design: Learn to create your own fashion sketches, understanding garment design, draping, and rendering techniques.

We recommend dedicating at least 3-5 hours per week to get the most out of these lessons. However, the pace at which you progress is entirely up to you.

All our lessons are pre-recorded, allowing you to access them at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. However after you become a member we always have live sessions to go through your answers and practices and help you throughout this journey.

You will receive a completion certificate for each course you finish to acknowledge your dedication and progress.

We offer a hassle-free cancellation policy. If you're unsatisfied with the content, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Each lesson is structured in a step-by-step manner, gradually building your skills from basic techniques to more advanced concepts. We also offer a community forum where you can share your work and get feedback.

Absolutely! Our tutorials are designed not only to help you develop your artistic skills but also to understand the business aspect of being a professional artist, offering insights into building your portfolio, finding clients, and marketing your work.

Not necessarily. Our tutorials are designed to be versatile and adaptable to various mediums. While we do provide recommendations for specific materials in certain lessons, we encourage students to use what they have on hand. Our focus is more on the techniques and skills you'll be learning. Over time, as you progress and find your preferred style, you may wish to invest in more specialized supplies.

Enrollment for our courses is currently open. However, this is the only opportunity to access this comprehensive collection at this highly competitive price point. We encourage you to take advantage of this offer now to benefit from these extensive resources and start your journey to artistic mastery

Master Every Medium

From Pencil Sketching to Digital Art

Welcome to your artistic journey! Unleash your creativity and master your skills in various art mediums through our well-structured, premium art courses. No matter where you're starting from - beginner, intermediate, or advanced - there's a place for you here. We believe that art is a universal language that anyone can learn. And we're here to guide you every step of the way. You will get access to the following mediums in this course.


Develop your foundational drawing skills. Learn to express shapes, shades, textures, and tones with a simple pencil.


Dive into the dramatic world of charcoal art. Capture light, shadow and express your emotions in monochrome.

Color Pencil

Bring your artwork to life with vibrant color pencils. Learn to layer, blend and create vivid, realistic drawings.


Uncover the flowing beauty of watercolors. Master the techniques of color mixing, glazing, wet-on-wet and more.


Experiment with the boldness and precision of ink. Learn the art of stippling, hatching, cross-hatching, and more.

Oil Painting

Step into the traditional world of art with oil painting. Learn to create lush textures and rich colors.

Marker and Fineliner

Discover the versatility of markers and fineliners in sketching and coloring. Learn different techniques to produce varying effects.

Mixed Media

Fuse various mediums together in a harmonious blend. Balance different mediums to create unique, intriguing works of art.


Explore the soft and vibrant world of pastels. Learn techniques like scumbling, feathering, and blending.

Digital Art

Embrace the future of art with digital mediums. Learn to use digital tools and software to create stunning visual art pieces.
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