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Your Journey from Art Expert to Online Educator Begins Here

Welcome to the Explorer Tier, where your passion for art meets the world of online education. This tier is specially designed for aspiring art instructors ready to transform their expertise into a thriving online course. With the Explorer Tier, embark on a journey that leads you through the foundational steps of creating and marketing your very first online art course.


Discover the tools and strategies that will unlock your teaching potential and connect you with students across the globe.

What Will I Learn?

Explorer Tier Curriculum

Dive into exercises that help pinpoint your unique art expertise and how to translate it into a course topic.

Learn the key elements of creating engaging and educational content that resonates with your audience.

A straightforward guide to the basic technology needed for creating and delivering your online course.

Understand the basics of how to market your course, including identifying your target audience and crafting your message.

Get practical advice on setting achievable goals and creating a roadmap for your course development.

Tips and strategies for creating an engaged community of learners around your course.

Learn the importance of feedback and how to use it to continually improve your course offering.

Master techniques to efficiently manage your time during the course creation and teaching process.

Techniques and encouragement to build your confidence as you prepare to launch your first course.

Analytics and Adaptation:

Learn how to monitor your course's performance and adapt based on analytics to ensure continuous improvement.

Content Expansion:

We'll talk about how to expand your course offerings based on market trends and feedback, and how to cross-promote new content for increased sales.

Personal Branding:

Finally, understand the importance of a personal brand for course creators and strategies to build and promote it, including through social media and public speaking.

By the end of the Explorer Tier, you will have a strong foundation and the essential skills to start your journey as an online art educator. Turn your artistic passion into a rewarding educational experience and start making an impact in the digital learning world today.


Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Join the Explorer Tier and start shaping your online teaching future now!


Freqently Asked Questions

Become a Thriving Art Instructor

The Explorer Tier is designed specifically with beginners in mind. It provides easy-to-understand resources and tools that guide you step-by-step through the basics of online course creation, making it ideal for those new to this field.

You'll have access to community forums where you can discuss ideas and get feedback from fellow course creators. While this tier does not include one-on-one coaching, it provides comprehensive resources to get you started on your own.

Absolutely! You can upgrade to either the Creator or Master Tier at any time. The cost of the Explorer Tier can often be credited towards the upgrade, depending on our current policies.

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