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We empower artists to create profitable online courses leveraging their skills and expertise. Like launching in-demand art instruction on Udemy or from their website with optimized marketing for revenue. Ready to monetize your art knowledge?

Empowering Art Educators

Course Mentor, a new initiative by ArtistsFloor, is set to revolutionize the way art education is imparted in the digital era. Set for expanded development in 2024, this platform is uniquely designed for art teachers, aiming to equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to create and teach engaging online art courses.

Course Mentor will provide comprehensive training on various aspects of digital teaching, from curriculum development based on extensive research in art mediums and practices, to the use of cutting-edge technology for course creation.

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Share Your Talents, Build Your Brand


The platform will serve as a mentorship
hub, guiding art educators through the
process of transforming their talent and
skills into profitable online courses.


This initiative is a step towards fulfilling
the growing demand for high-quality online

education, while also supporting art educators in adapting to the evolving educational landscape.


By focusing on aspects like course structure,

content editing, branding, and marketing, we

aim to help art teachers reach a wider audience

and monetize their expertise effectively.

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Become a Thriving Art Instructor

Coaching packages that will change your business


Essentials Package
£ 47 One Off Payment
  • Mini Course
  • Webinar
  • Course Creation 101 E-Book
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Sample Course Outline


Growth Package
£ 1998 One Off Payment
  • Everything in Explorer
  • Full Couse Curriculum Access
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials
  • 1:1 Consultation Call & Content Reviews
  • Promo Graphics Pack


Ultimate Package
£ 3449 One Off Payment
  • Everything in Creator
  • Course Creation & Custom Coaching
  • Bonus Marketing Masterclass
  • Priority 1:1 Consultation Calls
  • Automatic Course Updates & VIP Group

Success Stories

See what our students say

James L. – Digital Illustration
Read More
"Transitioning from freelance work to teaching online seemed daunting, but Course Mentor's coaching was a game-changer. I launched my first digital illustration course, and within months, I had over 500 students enrolled. Their marketing strategies really helped put my course on the digital map!"
Maria G. – Ceramic Arts
Read More
"As a ceramic artist, I never thought I could translate my studio classes into an online format effectively. Course Mentor proved me wrong. Their editing and design services polished my course to perfection, and now I'm reaching art lovers globally!"
Ethan T. – Photography
Read More
"Thanks to Course Mentor, I transformed my passion for photography into a comprehensive online masterclass. Their goal-setting e-book kept me on track, and the one-on-one consulting tailored my course into something I'm truly proud of. Enrollment exceeded my expectations!"
Sophia R. – Fashion Design
Read More
"The advisory service from Course Mentor was invaluable in helping me understand the online course industry. Their insights guided my fashion design course's direction, resulting in a 200% increase in student engagement."
Liam W. – Watercolor Painting
Read More
"Course Mentor's online course blueprint was just what I needed to structure my watercolor painting classes. The platform's personal approach and community building tips have created a thriving space where my students and I grow together. It's been a rewarding experience!"

Successful Online Coaches

Teachers we have helped build their financial freedom

Maria G.

Ceramic Arts

As a ceramic artist, I never thought I could translate my studio classes into an online format effectively. Course Mentor proved me wrong. Their editing and design services polished my course to perfection, and now I’m reaching art lovers globally!

Liam W.

Watercolor Painting

Course Mentor’s online course blueprint was just what I needed to structure my watercolor painting classes. The platform’s personal approach and community building tips have created a thriving space where my students and I grow together. 

Elena S.


“As a pianist, Course Mentor transformed how I teach music online. Their program guided me in creating engaging digital lessons and effectively reaching students worldwide. Now, I run a successful online piano school, all thanks to Course Mentor.”

What We Offer in Our Premium Packages

Our Services

Included in Creator and Master


Receive one-on-one guidance to refine your course vision and strategy, tailored to your artistic expertise and teaching goals.


Gain expert insights on course structure, content creation, and learner engagement to ensure your course is a success from the start.


Tap into strategic advice on navigating the online education landscape and aligning your course with current market trends.

Online Course

Access comprehensive, step-by-step course modules designed to take your art instruction from concept to a profitable online course.

Goal Setting

Personalized sessions to define your course creation goals, with a structured plan to track progress and align with your aspirations.


A comprehensive guide covering all aspects of online course creation, filled with actionable tips, strategies, and insights for reference.

Editing & Design

Enhance your course with professional editing and design, ensuring your content is engaging and visually compelling.


Discover effective marketing techniques to promote your course, attract students, and build a strong online presence.

Freqently Asked Questions

Become a Thriving Art Instructor

Course Mentor is an online platform designed to empower art educators and creators. It provides comprehensive guidance and tools for creating and selling online art courses. Course Mentor leverages the latest technology, including AI, to help users efficiently develop their content and reach their target audience, ultimately aiming to transform artistic skills into a profitable teaching business.

Course Mentor is tailored for artists, art educators, and creative individuals who wish to share their knowledge through online courses. Whether you're an experienced artist looking to expand your reach or a beginner with a passion for teaching art, Course Mentor offers resources and support to help you create engaging, informative, and sellable online courses.

  • The suitable package for you depends on your current level of experience and your needs:
    • The Explorer Tier is ideal for beginners who want a foundational understanding of online course creation.
    • The Creator Tier is most suitable for those who are serious about creating a comprehensive online course and are looking for in-depth guidance and personal mentorship.

The Master Tier is designed for professionals who want a premium experience, with done-for-you services, advanced coaching, and a full suite of resources for course creation and marketing.

The access duration to the course materials typically depends on the package you purchase. Some courses offer lifetime access, while others may have a limited access period. This information would be detailed in the terms and conditions of each package. For more information you can contact us via contact form.

The time it takes to complete the course can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the course material and the individual's pace of learning. Some courses are self-paced, allowing you to complete them as quickly or slowly as you'd like, while others may have a set duration with a more structured schedule.

Course Mentor offers various levels of support depending on the tier you're enrolled in, ranging from community support and Q&A sessions to one-on-one consultations with experts.

There are generally no formal prerequisites for joining Course Mentor; it is suitable for anyone with a passion for art and a desire to teach. However, some knowledge of your art form and basic technical skills may be beneficial.

  • We understand the importance of commitment and satisfaction in our Master Tier program, which is designed to offer the highest level of expertise and personalized support. Given the extensive resources, expert time, and personalized services allocated from the onset of the program, we offer a 5-day refund policy. During this period, if you feel the program does not align with your expectations, you may request a full refund.
  • After the 5-day period, we believe that you will have experienced the value of the program and, as such, refunds will not be possible. This policy allows us to maintain the integrity and exclusivity of our service, ensuring that all participants are fully committed to their course creation journey.
  • We recommend that all potential Master Tier participants carefully review the program details and reach out with any questions before enrolling to ensure that this high-level program is the right fit for your online course creation ambitions.

Course Mentor is designed to be user-friendly, and many of the resources are aimed at those who may not have extensive technical expertise. The platform walks you through all the necessary steps to create and sell your course, regardless of your technical background.

This would depend on the specific program and tier you are enrolled in. Some educational platforms offer certificates of completion, which can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

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