Complete Dino Drawing and Design: 2D to 3D illustrations

About Course

Enter the fantasy world of the dinosaurs, and learn how to draw and color different species with the easiest dinosaur drawing course! Welcome to Complete Dino Drawing and Design: 2D to 3D illustrations, a comprehensive course with over 16 hours of HD video tutorials carefully designed for dinosaur lovers.

In this course, you will learn how to draw, color and paint all your favorite dinosaurs across 62 lessons. These methods and techniques are introduced and practiced step by step, to make sure you can easily follow and learn in order to improve your drawing skills.

You will get to learn how to use different tools such as colored pencils, markers, pastels and watercolors while coloring the dinosaurs in different themes such as hatching, doodle art and realistic. For each medium, a complete introduction with specific techniques will be available.

In this course you will go through ‘learning whilst drawing’ and receive the best tutorials experience for putting what you have learnt into practice and to know when and how to use the techniques. We will step by step go through each section and apply the techniques and methods to each sample at the time.

What is really important is to have more confidence to use any materials you have on your artworks, and in this course we will teach you how you can do this and build your confidence throughout each lesson.

You will learn how to observe and analyze the illustration first; then, you will use guidelines to help you transfer what you see onto the paper. The next step is using simple shapes to break complicated forms into smaller, and much simpler ones. After that, you will learn how to add details to the works accurately. Finally, you will learn how to use the various mediums and concepts to color and complete your artwork.

For the finale of the course we will create two very exciting dinosaur scenes, using all the skills and mediums we have learned in the course!

Each lesson of this course is accompanied by FREE additional resources such as grids, outlines and carefully designed assignments to help you not only enter the path of learning, but how to practice everything you have learned. Practicing is the key with your instructor!

To enroll in this course, no prior knowledge is needed, all you need to have is a passion for learning…and find dinosaurs interesting.

Don’t forget the skills you acquire in this course can be applied to any subject matter.

What I will learn?

  • Step by Step drawing Dino figure
  • All drawings in this course will boost you general drawing skills
  • Different tools and materials such as pencils, color pencils, watercolors and markers
  • How to draw different dinosaurs accurately
  • Observation and analysis of the work
  • Different sketching techniques such as using guiding lines and geometric shapes
  • Different coloring techniques using different materials
  • How to build up your layers of work
  • How to create depth and dimension

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Ruyangosaurus

  • Ruyangosaurus Part I
  • Ruyangosaurus Part II
  • Complete Ruyangosaurus with Color Pencils

Chapter 2: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Chapter 3: Parasaurolophus

Chapter 4: Spinosaurus

Chapter 5: Apatosaurus

Chapter 6: Huayangosaurus

Chapter 7: Ankylosaurus

Chapter 8: Triceratops

Chapter 9: Stegosaurus

Chapter 10: Dilophosaurus

Chapter 11: Iguanodon

Chapter 12: Ceratosaurus

Chapter 13: Gigantoraptor

Chapter 14: Baryonyx

Chapter 15: Yangchuanosaurus

Chapter 16: Oviraptor

Chapter 17: Hadrosaurus

Chapter 18: Pterosaur

Chapter 19: Velociraptor

Chapter 20: ¾ View Triceratops

Chapter 21: Complete Dino Scenes



  • Lessons with a professional voiceover
  • Grid downloads
  • Outlines downloads
  • Assignments


  • Paper
  • Pencil or Mechanical pencil
  • Colored pencils or Watercolors or Markers or Pastels (all optional)

Target Audience

  • Art lovers
  • Dinosaur lovers
  • Animal lovers
  • Art students
  • University students
  • Kids and adults
  • Parents
  • Teachers
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