Digital Art Mastery with Ibis Paint X: Comprehensive Guide to Tools, Techniques, and Effects

About Course

Digital Art Mastery with Ibis Paint X: Comprehensive Guide to Tools, Techniques, and Effects ” is an immersive art course that promises to transform absolute beginners into competent digital artists. Ideal for both iOS and Android users, the course breaks down the complexity of the Ibis Paint X application.


At the onset, you will be guided through the basic steps of opening the app and understanding its interface. This foundational knowledge eases the navigation through different menus and tools available in the app. Equipping students with the ability to tailor their workspace to their comfort.   


An in-depth exploration of the extensive brush library ensues, acquainting students with the diverse selection of brushes and how to adjust them for specific tasks. The smudge and eraser tools, too, are explained in detail, offering students hands-on practice with examples.


To enhance the students’ workflow efficiency, the course highlights the plethora of features that Ibis Paint X offers. You will learn drawing tools, force fade, and the stabilizer, each explained with practical examples to ensure clarity of use.


Learning is reinforced through hands-on experience. Students are taught to apply the tools and options learnt by creating an artwork. This not only strengthens the theoretical understanding but also encourages creativity and imagination. The course involves drawing, coloring, and shading a sphere, ultimately imparting the skills to add dimensions to an artwork.


Each lesson comes with meticulously designed assignments that enable the students to practice the newly learned skills. These assignments cement the concepts taught, ensuring a deeper understanding of the application. To further ease the learning process, the course offers additional resources at no extra cost.


As the course progresses, students are taught how to effectively use layers, mix and understand colors, use the blur tool, and experiment with the transform tool. Further, they learn to adjust the canvas based on the artwork, duplicate their artwork, and make the best use of filter and color options.


The concluding modules of the course cover advanced techniques such as using the lasso tool and magic tool, drawing exact outlines using the ruler, understanding different tools to draw lines and shapes, and mastering advanced layer tools and options. Also included are lessons on adding text to artworks, using the eyedropper and smudge tool, and working with filters.


Ibis Paint X stands out in the realm of digital art tools due to its powerful, user-friendly features that cater to both beginners and advanced artists. With a wealth of brushes, tools, and effects at your disposal, it truly brings your imagination to life on a digital canvas. What sets Ibis Paint X apart is its ability to mimic traditional art tools while also providing the convenience of digital art.


Whether it’s a sketch, a comic, or a detailed illustration, this versatile application allows you to create a wide variety of artwork styles. Additionally, the app’s unique feature of recording the drawing process provides an opportunity for introspection and self-improvement.


Learning to master Ibis Paint X not only equips you with a powerful artistic toolset, but also opens the doors to a global community of digital artists, promoting learning and inspiration. Harnessing the potential of Ibis Paint X through this course is an invaluable investment in your journey as a digital artist. Also you can use it for FREE. 


Upon completing the course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Ibis Paint X application. They will be proficient in creating captivating digital artworks, thereby paving their path into the enchanting world of digital art. Join us and begin your artistic journey today!

What I will learn?

  • How to work on blank canvas
  • How to work with brushes that are not free
  • Why using stabiliser is important
  • Line fading options
  • Merge layers
  • Colour understanding
  • Shading technique
  • Filter Options
  • Ruler and how it works
  • Symmetrical shapes and drawings
  • How to draw with dots, draw lines and colour
  • Work on different text section
  • Strength and Center Radius

Course Curriculum

Tools, Techniques, and Effects

  • Become familiar with the Ibis Paint X Interface
  • How to use and practise drawing with brushes
  • Understanding the benefits of using the stabiliser
  • Line fading practice and experimentation
  • How to use layers and create outlines in Ibis Paint X
  • Mixing and understanding colors
  • How to use the blur tool effectively
  • Colour and 3D Drawing
  • Using and experimenting with the transform tool
  • How to adjust your canvas based on your artwork
  • Duplicating your artwork
  • Filter and colour options
  • Lasso Tool and Magic Tool
  • How to use the ruler and create exact outlines
  • Different tools to draw lines and shapes
  • Advanced layer tools and options
  • How to add text
  • Using the eye dropper and smudge tool
  • Working with filters

Downloadable Resources



  • Digital Tablet or iPad
  • Digital Pencil

Target Audience

  • Digital art lovers
  • Those new to Ibis Paint X


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