Masterclass of Drawing, Design & Creativity with Color Pencil

About Course

It will change the way you see your drawing and designs – it’s time to start feeling confident picking up your pencil and paper.

There is no prior knowledge needed, this course is adapted for beginner to advanced levels.

This masterclass of drawing, design and creativity with color pencil and pastels will teach you everything you need to know to master your color pencil drawings. It will give you the skills and confidence you need to start creating artworks you feel proud of.

With this 21h on-demand HD tutorial video course, we will take you from having little or no knowledge, to creating professional advanced art in the simplest way and having a deep understanding of the drawing fundamentals.

Following my original and effective teaching method; BTTVC.

We will start by learning the Basics, going through all the Techniques needed, onto Transforming the structure and fundamentals that you have learnt throughout the lesson to finally forming Vision and Shaping creativity.

This ultimate course will show you how to come up with your own individual design styles to create your own original professional artworks.

You will get instant access to 23 lectures & 44 lessons. Also offering an extra bonus topic section, focusing on artistic talks. Covering many topics such as how to produce more art, get into art galleries, creating a portfolio and much more.

Combine what you have learnt into different career paths; such as jewellery design, architecture, interior and exterior design.

No matter if you are an art lover, art hobbyist, a university student who wants to improve their art portfolio, someone who wants to learn new skills, an artist who wants to learn another medium or even just making occasional drawings for your loved ones – this is the course for you.

So what are you waiting for, pick up a piece of paper, grab your pencils, enrol the course now and let’s start drawing.

Feel free to have a look at our previews, watch one of the lessons to see how easy it is.

You will also get:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section
  • Exercise work sheets
  • Extra resources
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download

What I will learn?

  • Following a new, original and effective teaching method called BTTVC: Basics, Techniques, Transfer your skills, Visualise and use your Creativity
  • Create and design advanced art in the simplest form that will stand out as professional artworks
  • How to draw in different styles to achieve realistic, expressive and imaginative drawings
  • Learn all about design, fabrics, creative facial features and animals
  • Get to know the tools, materials and techniques in 'Color pencil' in a simple way
  • Get familiar with shapes and forms alongside light and shadow
  • Combine what you have learnt into different career paths; such as jewellery design, architecture, interior and exterior design and so on
  • Understand the artistic and creative approach to come up with your own individual design styles to create your own original artworks
  • Learn the fundamentals & basics of how to start drawing
  • Creative illustrations with color pencils and mixed media pastels

Course Curriculum

Introduction: Basics & Techniques

  • Get to know your instructor Ava Moradi
  • Color Charts
  • Color Pencil Techniques
  • Layering, Color mix and Design 1
  • Layering, Color mix and Design 2
  • Layering, Color mix and Design 3
  • 9 Pencil and Color Pencil Mixing Techniques

Shapes & Forms

Textures and Styles

Design & Creativity

Color Pencil Techniques on Hair, Jewellery, Skin, Cloth and Background




  • Lessons with a professional voiceover
  • Grid downloads
  • Outlines downloads
  • Assignments


  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Colored pencils (no specific brand required)
  • Pastels (not mandetory)
  • Solvent
  • Drawing Paper (smooth surface)
  • Motivation to learn!

Target Audience

  • Art Lovers
  • Art hobbyist
  • Art Students
  • Anybody who wants to learn drawing and a new skill
  • University Students
  • Parents & Children
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