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Mastering Contemporary art: Composition and Perspective

About Course

Welcome to the Mastering Contemporary art: Composition and Perspective.

Ever wondered how to use normal pencils or watercolor and ink or fineliner separately or all together? Would you like to create exciting artwork that stands out either for you, your loved ones or even to create a revenue from selling them? In this course I will teach you all that you need to know to start using your pencils, pens, brushes, watercolor set and even ink! You can choose your preferred medium or from the tools you have at home and still go through this course, learn and practice.

You will learn all the basic information and techniques you need to know and master in order to be able to start your artistic journey. If you have no artistic background or you are an artist who wants to learn a new medium, you can easily learn all the tips and hacks from this course to start your journey.

We will start by introducing all the tools and materials and how to use them. We will go through all the techniques that you can use in different mediums while drawing. You will be introduced and demonstrated by your instructor how to apply those mediums to different samples. Then, we will go through an introduction on how to create 2D and 3D drawing, how to do life drawing from an object in front of you, light and shadows and color values. You will learn why it is so important to pay attention to the light and how light refracts on objects.

The best way to learn is to experiment with different subjects and learn Do’s and Don’ts to understand what could possibly go wrong, what you should pay attention to and how you can prevent the mistakes, and if ever happened, how to fix them.

The next step in this course is composition and perspective; two facts of high importance and influence on the final look of your work. In two separate examples, you will learn and practice all the tips and points about these two important points and how to apply and practice them on artworks at the same time.

All the techniques and points instructed in this course will be worked on over the course of the different examples, in this way you will be able to see how the same techniques and points will work on different examples and occasions, which also means more examples and practices for you on this course.

Different perspective drawings of buildings and familiar sceneries from all over the world will be taught in this course, showing you how to easily transform what you see on your piece of paper and how to use your different tools such as fineliners, brushes, ink or watercolor to bring them to life.

Each part of this course is accompanied by assignments that are carefully designed to help you practice what you have learned right after the tutorials were given to you. You will get access to free PDFs that consist of grids and separate drawing outlines for the beginners who struggle with drawings at the start of their lessons.

Set the first building blocks of creating your drawing journal. Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to draw the beautiful scenes you see on different trips or in your everyday life in your journal and reminisce about the magnificent moments you have spent? Then this is the right course for you, as you will get to know exactly how to do that!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start this course together.

Over the 16 lessons of this course, you will get to learn

  • Getting familiar with different tools and materials such as pencils, pen, fineliner, watercolors, brushes and ink
  • Different medium techniques.
  • Different perspective points and how they are applied
  • Compositions
  • Do’s and don’ts of watercolor
  • How to work on urban landscapes
  • How to draw everyday subjects in your own style

What I will learn?

  • Understanding different tools from different mediums and how to use them all
  • How to use your pen and fineliner on paper
  • How to use ink and create wonderful pieces of art
  • How to use watercolor both in realistic and impressionist way
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Composition
  • Creating spaces in drawing
  • Understanding Perspective on still life, everyday objects, landscape, figures
  • Figure drawing
  • Architectural and Drawing buildings
  • Complete artworks paintings to sell on different platforms or your website
  • How to draw your own travel journal; Art journal

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Get to know your tools
  • Object Drawing Practise
  • 2D and 3D shape practise
  • 10:05
  • Applying light and shadow to your work

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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  • Lessons with a professional voiceover
  • Grid downloads
  • Outlines downloads
  • Assignments


  • No Drawing requirement needed.
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Pen or Fineliners
  • Ink or Watercolor
  • Brushes

Target Audience

  • Art lovers
  • Art enthusiasts
  • Art students
  • Architecture students
  • Students and parents
  • University Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers


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