The Absolute Easiest Way to Draw Cartoons and Characters

About Course

Welcome to The Absolute Easiest Way to Draw Cartoons and Characters course! This course teaches all fundamentals of cartoon and character drawing for anyone who wants to master the art of character design.

This is a carefully designed with HD video tutorial and voice over that starts from the very basics of character illustration. It leads you step by step all the way long to create your own cartoon characters.


The course starts from the absolute beginner level and teaches you various ways of drawing such as using shapes and forms. Draw different illustrated facial features, complete original characters, and how to come up with your own style of drawing.


This course has been designed step by step and teaches all the fundamentals you need to become better in drawing. Methods and techniques given in this course are very simple and easy to follow for everyone. This course step-by-step guidance enables you to learn at your own pace and our on-point assignments help you master each technique that is taught.


We will go through different facial expressions as well as various ways we can use to add those expressions to your characters. You will use subjects such as potatoes, eggs and scissors and turn them to different illustrations. We will also go through comical facial features separately such as eyes, nose, lips, nose and how to draw them in different fun styles. All the subjects are being taught in this course step by step moving forward until we create main characters with full scenes.


In this course we will also go through colors through different examples while working on different characters with color pencil and watercolor set. Finally, we will teach you ways of quick character drawing, as well as how to use pictures as references for character drawing. This means how to choose a photo and turn your favorite idol into a new character with a certain style.


Each lesson is accompanied by FREE resources such as grids, samples and assignments to help you master your beloved craft. There is absolutely no need for prior knowledge to enroll in this course, just a passion for learning would do!


In this course you will get to know

  • How to design characters from scratch
  • How to use simple shapes and forms to start drawing characters
  • How to simplify complicated forms
  • How to easily draw different facial features
  • How to easily work on facial expressions
  • Different qualities and capabilities of lines and colors
  • How to color your characters
  • How to use reference pictures for character illustrations

What I will learn?

  • Different tools and materials and
  • How to use simple tools to create many characters
  • How to make a character from everyday shapes
  • How to draw different facial features
  • How to simplify characters for original illustrations
  • How to work on different facial expressions for your characters
  • Quick character drawing
  • How to add color to your characters
  • How to create characters from pictures

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction to shapes and forms

  • Basic Potato Shape Characters
  • Potato Friends Character Drawing
  • Egg Characters go Shopping
  • How to turn Scissor Shapes to characters

Chapter 2: Facial Features and Expressions

Chapter 3: Complete Character Drawing

Chapter 4: Advanced Character Drawing and Coloring

Chapter 5: Complete Artwork Character Design

Downloadable Resources



  • Lessons with a professional voiceover
  • Grid downloads
  • Outlines downloads
  • Assignments


  • Pencil
  • Fine liner or rapid pen
  • Color Pencils (any brand)
  • Paper (normal cartridge paper) or case art
  • Normal eraser
  • No previous drawing skills needed.

Target Audience

  • Art lovers
  • Art students
  • University students
  • All ages
  • Anyone who wishes to learn character design
  • Anyone wanting to learn something new
  • Art hobbyist
  • Kids and parents
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