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About Course

Welcome to the ultimate pencil drawing course! In this course you will learn all the fundamentals about drawing; how to observe the subject, how to transfer it onto your piece of paper and how to draw realistically, using various techniques such as pencil measurement, hatching and shading!

You don’t need prior knowledge or experience in drawing, also there is no need for many materials; just a pencil and a piece of paper would be all you need to start this course; what matters the most is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and earnest participation in the assignments!

This course has been designed step by step and teach all the fundamentals you need to become better in drawing. Methods and techniques have given in this course are very simple and easy to follow for everyone. This course step-by-step guidance enables you to learn at your own pace and our on-point assignments to help you master each technique that is taught.

First, we begin by going through all about the tools and materials and how to use them correctly to achieve the results you want. As pencil is the most important tool used in this course, we will introduce different types of pencils and all the methods and techniques associated with them; such as pencil pressure, hand pressure and the capabilities of different pencils.

You will learn all the necessary skills and techniques in drawing such as composition, hatching, shading, and how to draw in different ways. We will teach you the fundamentals of hatching and shading, and the right places to use them. In this course, we will work on different samples such as shapes and forms, still life, portrait drawings, fundamentals of head anatomy, fruits and pastries, and how to draw realistically using your pencil!

Make sure you engage in the course and its assignments chronologically to ensure achieving the best results. The assignments are designed in a way to ensure maximum practice, they are given at each step and each assignment focuses on the techniques, methods and the information that had been worked on during the lesson.

In this course, we will teach you how to draw and learn from observation and draw almost anything that you see around yourself, such as fruits, or even a water jug. Going through different samples, we will teach you different methods used for drawing, such as pencil measurements, in which you will learn how to measure your subject of drawing using only your pencil and transfer it accordingly to your piece of paper.

The next step is portrait drawing, you will learn how to draw a human portrait, using only your pencil and a piece of paper; yet again using the technique which is called pencil measurement/sighting.

Going through all the human features step by step, you will learn how to observe the subject, measure it and use simple techniques to draw it on your piece of paper. Eyes, nose, lips and ears are all taught separately and then you will learn how to measure and place them on your paper and draw them together.

This course is designed to help anyone with a desire to draw, to learn in an easy way so they could be confident in pencil drawing.

The 19 chapters provided in this course will take you step by step through all the techniques and methods needed to draw, in14 hours HD video tutorials. As a bonus, this course is accompanied by HD scans of the samples, outlines and extra PDFs that will increase your knowledge about drawing and enable you to practice even more.

Throughout the course you will learn:

  • You will get familiar with the tools and materials; such as pencils, papers, erasers, and more.
  • You will learn how to use different tools and materials.
  • You will get familiar with different kinds of hatching and know the best places to use these techniques.
  • You will get familiar with the different kinds of shading and how to apply them in drawing different objects and human features.
  • You will learn how to sketch, draw, hatch and shade still life samples.
  • You will learn how to draw different types of fruits and pastries and how shading and hatching techniques you have previously learned are applied on them.
  • Eyes section: you will learn how to draw, hachure and shade human eyes from different angles.
  • Nose section: you will learn how to draw different forms of the human nose in different angles and how to shade them in order to make them stand out.
  • Lips section: you will learn how to draw various types of human lips in different shapes and positions.
  • Ear section: you will learn how to draw, hachure and shade human ears from different angles.
  • Portrait: at the end you will learn how to measure with your pencil and draw human portraits, and then you will learn how to apply all the hatching and shading techniques you have previously learned to make your portraits look even more realistic.

What I will learn?

  • Important pencil techniques
  • Pencil layering and shading
  • Still life compositions
  • Facial shapes and structure
  • Draw and shade facial features
  • Pencil measuring technique for portraits
  • Advanced old master style portrait drawing

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Macaroons Drawing and Shading

Chapter 2: Still Life Drawings

Chapter 3: Facial Anatomy & Face Shapes

Chapter 4: Pencil Measuring Technique

Chapter 5: Facial Features

Chapter 6: Complete Portrait Drawing & Shading

Downloadable Resources



  • Lessons with a professional voiceover
  • Grid downloads
  • Outlines downloads
  • Assignments


  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Eraser or Kneaded Eraser
  • Tombow Mono Eraser
  • Sharpener

Target Audience

  • Art lovers
  • Students
  • All ages
  • Those looking to learn something new
  • Anyone who wishes to learn how to draw with pencil!
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