Introduction to Portrait Drawing with Pencil



Welcome to the Complete Pencil Drawing & Techniques – beginner to advanced. In this course you will learn how to draw with only pencils and a piece of paper from the beginning. If you have never drawn before or if you already have started drawing and took other classes, this is the right course for you.

“Complete Pencil Drawing & Techniques for Beginners” is designed in a way to be able to accompany you on your path of becoming a professional and enjoy drawing all at the same time. This course has gathered the best knowledge and experience for the beginners interested in drawing and sketching and by following each lesson provided, you will be able to learn fundamentals from the ground up and gradually pave your way of becoming a professional in the field of drawing. You will also be provided with assignments for each lesson that will help you better implement the methods and techniques you were taught in each section. Practice makes perfect!

This drawing course – beginner to advanced is supported with over 15 hours of HD video tutorials with free scans of the original samples, PDFs to enhance your knowledge of drawing and its various techniques and exercises to help you better apply things you have learned. With the crystal clear guidance that you instructor has provided for you, you will be able to learn in a well-paced, structured way and also, to train your eyes to see as the professional artists see and draw out of your head.

Throughout this course, you will learn about all the tools and materials that are going to be used and the best ways to apply them. Later on, you will learn how to draw basic shapes and the different methods of hatching and shading on them. From this method you will learn how to observe the subject and transform it into different shapes and forms in order to be able to draw them accordingly. Also, you will learn how to draw 3D shapes and apply the above mentioned techniques on them.

You will also get to know how the light and shadow work and their influence on the way we see different objects and thus transform the way we are going to draw them. You will learn how to do so if you carefully follow the simple instructions from the assignments given to you at the end of each lesson. This course will engage you thoroughly, as assignments are given at the end of each individual lesson to help you practice more along with the course, understand the techniques better and implement what the teacher has taught you, this way you achieve the best results.

Still life, everyday objects that we see around us, are among the other examples that will be taught in the upcoming chapters. You will learn how to observe nature and draw different examples and then you will move to draw the human features and portraits.

Among the methods that will be taught in this course is the Loomis method; by using it you will learn more about the positioning and the different proportions of the human head and how to determine the placements of different facial features.

The next step is learning how to sketch human hands in different positions, the different types of the human hair and also individual human facial features, eyes, nose, lips, and ears step by step.

At the end, you will learn to draw a full portrait using all the techniques and methods you have learned throughout the course.

In this course you will learn:

  • Different tools and materials that are going to be used in this course and how to apply them
  • Different types and ways of hatching and shading in the simplest form possible
  • Methods that will train your eyes to observe artistically and make drawing easy for you by using different shapes and turning them into different objects.
  • Get familiar with the Loomis method and how to apply it in order to draw the human head more accordingly.
  • How to sketch, hachure and shade detailed human facial features step by step.
  • How to combine the methods and the techniques you have learned till now and also how to sketch, hachure and eventually shade a portrait from A to Z.
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Introduction to Portrait Drawing with Pencil
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