Mastering Drawing: Sketching, Perspective and Observation



Welcome to “Mastering Drawing: Sketching, Perspective and Observation”! In this course, you will learn all the basic knowledge, techniques and information you need to start general and also professional sketching. This course includes different stages that are carefully designed to guide you through the path of different drawing methods, sketching with the highest quality; this is why you will be starting with the basics and learn all about observation and perspective, and then go through artworks in different genre.

This course is designed with different samples and various explanations that by following the given footsteps, you will firmly set your ground for different essential drawing skills and how to apply them onto great artworks. With this guidance, you will easily delve into the materials needed for the course as the first step. One interesting point about this course is that you can start with almost anything, either pencil, pen or any other preferred medium, what actually matters and is mostly needed is your determination and enthusiasm to learn!

Learn all about lines and their qualities as the building blocks of your sketching; start by drawing the simple things you can easily find around you, such as cups and pots and understands still life, shading, 2D and 3D observation . In this part you will also learn about perspective and its different types; by learning about different perspective points, you will also obtain the ability to observe every scene in a way to draw it like a master!

Anything can be a subject for sketching, and I will teach you in this course that you can draw anything. This is why in the upcoming chapters I will guide you through different samples and step by step, you will learn how to use other materials such as markers, ink or watercolour to add depth and beauty to your sketches. An introduction to how to use and apply the materials will always be given at the beginning of each section to ensure that you are guided through all the steps.

Learn how to sketch from observation; trees, windows and different objects that we see in our daily lives, they all can be your subject of drawing and you can practice your newly achieved techniques just by following your instructor! This course will teach you how to tell stories of the simple things of your everyday life.

At the end of this course you will sketch both conceptual and urban landscapes alongside your teacher, equipped with all the basic knowledge you have learned, using simple and easily available tools and materials. And then you can apply your technique and drawing knowledge onto any other subject matter you like to draw on later stages.

Joining this course requires no prior knowledge, just a passion to learn and the enthusiasm to keep practising can ensure the best results for you at the end of the course!

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Mastering Drawing: Sketching, Perspective and Observation
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