Ultimate Watercolor Techniques: Figure to Landscape Painting



Welcome to the Ultimate Watercolor Techniques: Figure to Landscapes course. In this course you will learn to draw different landscapes while specifically focusing on water landscapes and figure painting.

This course is a comprehensive watercolor course taught through HD video tutorials that will enable you to learn all the fundamentals, starting from the very basics to eventually creating beautiful landscapes and portraits using your watercolour set. Different watercolour techniques will be taught in this course, such as wet on wet, wet on dry and even more.

This step by step tutorial course is designed by our teachers at ArtistsFloor in a way to teach you all the techniques while going through different samples of watercolour paintings. Each step of this course is also accompanied by FREE resources including assignments, downloadable outlines and grids to help you master your beloved craft even faster and better.

If you follow the steps and assignments accordingly, you will learn different techniques by applying them on different samples and create your own collection of artworks you are proud of by the end of the course. And if you are feeling confident, the assignments will push you to create even more beautiful artworks so that you can keep on practising your techniques.

You will have lifetime access to all the steps and tutorials provided, which you can go back to from time to time and refresh your mind on different techniques and recreate your loved sceneries. No prior knowledge to watercolour painting is needed and anyone who wishes to learn watercolour painting can benefit from this course.

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Ultimate Watercolor Techniques: Figure to Landscape Painting
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