Watercolors of the World: Learn to Paint Complete Artworks



Welcome to the Watercolors of the World: Learn to Paint Complete Artworks course! In this course, the focus is on creating complete artworks whilst learning important tools and techniques along the way.

This step by step course consists of more than 10 hours in depth and detailed HD video tutorials carefully designed in a way to help anyone who wishes to excel their skills in their watercolor journey. This is why each lesson is accompanied with FREE additional resources and assignments to help you easily practice what you have learned with your instructor’s online help.

You will have the chance to learn how to paint many different complete watercolor artworks from Start to Finish in one sitting of varied subject matters. Artworks include portraits focusing on skin tone, landscapes, cityscapes, ships and boats, florals, fabric details, water and wave texture, snow, sky, clouds, building textures, urban sketches and many more.

This course will allow you to have an insight into which subject matters you enjoy the most!

For each artwork, we will first go through the basics and the fundamental tips of how to get started.

Then, I will teach you step by step how to build up your layers, using various watercolor techniques such as wet on wet, dry on dry and wet on dry. You will learn different tips and hacks along the way, helping you speed up the watercolor painting process and how to create different textures and colors easily.

In this course, different tools and materials that are easily found in your home will be shown, as efficient ways to add beauty to your work.

Through these carefully designed tutorials, you’ll find innovative and unique tips and hacks that can advance your watercolor skills.

It is useful to have a basic knowledge of watercolor painting but if you don’t you will learn all the needed techniques to start this course as we focus on creating complete artworks from the beginning.

In this course you further your skills in:

  • How watercolor paints work
  • Different watercolor techniques
  • Different watercolor hacks and tips
  • How to create different textures
  • Different colors and how they must be combined
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Watercolors of the World: Learn to Paint Complete Artworks
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